The Dutch Association of Oral Implantology (NVOI)

The Association
The Dutch Association of Oral Implantology (NVOI) has been established by official deed and listed as 'Nederlandse Vereniging voor Orale Implantologie' in the Trade Register under file number 40533939 on 11 March, 1983 in Amsterdam.

The Board
The board of the Association consists of a minimum of 4 persons. The number of members of the board shall be determined by the general meeting. The members of the board shall be elected by the general meeting from amongst the ordinary members. They shall retire by rotation for which a schedule shall be drawn up by the board in such a way as to ensure its continuity. The members of the board shall be elected for a term of two years, which term shall be renewable four consecutive times. A member of the board shall never hold the same function for more than six consecutive years.

The Members
Membership of the Association shall be divided into ordinary members, extraordinary members, honorary members and industrial partners.

Ordinary members are dentists and specialized dentists.

Extraordinary members are dental technicians, dental hygienists, dentist’s assistants and persons conducting research in the field of oral implants without being dentists or specialized dentists.

Honorary members are they who are nominated as such by the general meeting because of their extraordinary merits for the Association or for its objects.

Sponsors or industrial partners are they who committed themselves to pay an annual contribution to the Association.

The objects of the Association are:
- the promotion and dissemination of the knowledge of implant dentistry
- to make this knowledge available to practical dentistry, public health and education
- to maintain contacts with persons in this country or abroad, who united for the same or for related objects

The association endeavours to reach these objects among other things by
- organizing meetings, lectures, courses, excursions and congresses;
- promoting and supporting the activities of the members in the field of implant dentistry.

The General Meeting
Annually, not later than six month after the close of the financial year, the Association shall hold a General Meeting. In this meeting the board shall present the Annual Report, the Annual Accounts and shall answer to the General Meeting for the conduct of the Association’s affairs.
At a General Meeting important policy decisions concerning the Association can be carried by vote.

Financial means
The financial means of the Association consist of membership fees, donation, fideicommissary succession, legacies and other revenues.

Secretary of the board
P.O. box 34
1633 ZG Avenhorn
f  +31 229 543 467

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